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Casey MacGill’s ukulele playing swings! That swing, that groove, that pulse has landed MacGill roles in major motion pictures and on Broadway, and even a tour de force appearance on The Gong Show. To discover this wellspring of swing we must enter the musical Wayback Machine. “I remember when I was about five or six, putting a 1950s honky-tonk piano record on the family stereo and just going absolutely cuckoo, dancing around until I got that holler from the kitchen to ‘stop jumping around in there!’” From that very early age it was apparent, at least to his mother, that little Casey MacGill had the rhythm in him. And over the course of the next six decades, aided by the humble ukulele, this rhythmic kid forged a swinging musical career. A steamship cruise from Los Angeles to Honolulu in 1957 would launch Casey on this epic journey.

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You’re going to have to trust me on this — that Casey MacGill’s new five-song CD, pictured below, is excellent and beyond — because I can’t offer you sound samples or downloads.  You’ll have to (gasps from the audience) buy the CD.  It’s $15 and it’s splendidly worth it.  Details here.  The other necessary bit of candor is that it a an EP-CD . . . or whatever they call it nowadays, twenty minutes long.  Take it as the best compliment I can offer that when I first got a copy, I began to audition it in the Mobile Audition Studio (my 2014 Camry) and I played it three times through without stopping, and thought, “That’s more pleasure than many standard-length CDs.”

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Seattle Weekly

"Casey MacGill and the Blue Four Trio played '30s and '40s swing and jump blues. The acoustics in the room are fantastic—who knew?—and the band's set was like a live version of KUOW's Swing Years and Beyond."

Seattle Weekly

New York Times

"Of the show's soloists,... only Casey MacGill, the ukulele-strumming band leader, has the kind of shrugged-off charm one associates with being cool in the swing era."

New York Times review of the musical Swing!

Atomic Magazine

"A crooner of the highest caliber."

Atomic Magazine